Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meme's Sweet Tea

My Mama has the BEST sweet tea! Let's make some!

What you need:

Granulated Sugar
Family Size (gallon size) Tea bags (I like Lipton - Mama uses Luzianne)
Coffee Maker
Quart Pyrex Measuring Cup
Gallon Pitcher
Glass to enjoy it in!

Step One:
get your family size tea bag and put it in the coffee basket on your coffee maker - fill 'er up with cold water and start the brew!

Step Two:
In a Pyrex quart size measuring cup, place 1 c. of granulated sugar; fill to the top with water and put into the microwave. Heat for 5 minutes on high.

Step Three:
Once 5 minutes is over - stir really well to incorporate the sugar; set aside.

Step Four:
pour the brewed tea from the coffee pot and the syrup water from the Pyrex measuring cup to the gallon sized pitcher. Then fill with cold water to the top of the gallon pitcher. MIX well!

Step Five:
Fill your favorite glass with ice cubes, pour the tea and enjoy a REFRESHING moment alone!

Keep in refrigerator to keep fresh! Good for 1 week refrigerated.
Calories per 8 oz. serving: 50 calories